About Don Kim

How I came to be interested in Oriental Acupuncture & Holistic Healing


One day, around 24 years ago, I sprained my ankle while playing tennis. After 30 minutes of Korean Hand Acupuncture treatment I was, amazingly, able to go out and finish the game. That incident thrilled me, and brought me into this field. Since then, I have been involved in this wonderful world of natural healing - either part time or full time studying or practicing.

Training and Careers

Korean Hand Acupuncture

·2 years of part time training (Koryo Sooji Institute), 22 years of part time/full time practicing.

Oriental Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine & Tuina (Chinese) Massage

·3 years full time training, 1 year part time training (Int'l O.M Therapy Developing Institute, Koryo Sooji Institute & New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine), 19 years of part-time or full-time practicing.

U.C.L.A. Auricular Therapy

·6 months of part time training (Int'l O.M. Therapy Developing Institute), 17 years of part time or full time practicing and lecturing.

Korean Therapeutic Exercise

·6 months of part time training (Phil Health Management Centre), 19 years of part time practicing.

Chinese Reflexology

·3 months of part time training (Int'l Institute of R.W.O. S.H.R. Health), 9 years of part time practicing.

Other Treatments

(Cosmetic Acupuncture, Namsu Moxa, Taiwanese Acupuncture, Eye Acupuncture, Wrist & Ankle Acupuncture, Applied Chiropractic, and some other alternative treatments.)

·At least 1 year part time training, 5 years practicing.


Dip. Ac & O.M. - Int'l O.M. Therapy Developing Institute

Nat'l Dip. Ac - New Zealand College of Medicine

BPs - Yonsei University, Korea

N.C.C.A.O.M - exam passed

Certificates - Koryo Sooji Institute, Phil Health Management Centre, Int'l Institutre of R.W.O. S.H.R. Health

Recent Work

2000-2002: Founding Director of Hamilton College of Oriental Medicine

2003-2004: Director of a sister school of Hamilton College of Oriental Medicine

2005-2012: Oriental Acupuncture Clinic (Timaru, New Zealand)

2012-Present: Oriental Acupuncture & Wellness Centre (Queenstown, New Zealand)

Don Kim - ACC Provider / Dip. Ac & OM, BPs. NZRA, NZCMAS

"As I have learned about the marvellous mechanism and great healing power our body has, I am always amazed and interested by the natural ways of healing.

I have also been so impressed to see the amazingly powerful effect that Oriental Acupuncture and other natural treatments have on our body, as I have been treating a variety of conditions. I've come to the conclusion that the best treatment is one that makes the most of the way we are made. Our body has tremendous power in bringing the system back to normal.


I find it not just good, but very rewarding, to see the therapeutic effects of my Integrated and Intensified Treatments (IIT) for various conditions, and I want to share my wealth of knowledge and experience I've come to acquire with as many people as possible including YOU"