Why SUPER FOOD Class at OAW?

Don gives patients a dietary advice when necessary. In order not only to improve certain conditions but to enhance general wellbeing however, Don felt a brief dietary advice at the clinic setting is not good enough. So he introduced SUPER FOOD Class’ mainly dealing with ‘Fermented Foods’ which boast of their amazing health benefits. 

How Oriental Medicine views Foods?

An Oriental Medical Classic says, “Foods and Medicine have the same source.” Oriental Medicine therefore, views foods as medicine, and stresses the fact that a good diet is vital to good health.

The PURPOSE of this class

is to improve your GUT that is the EPICENTRE of your mental and physical health, and guides your overall well-being.

The BENEFITS of this class

are improved gut health, improved immunity, efficient digestion, increased body temperature,reducing craving for sugary, fatty and salty foods, weight loss, improved clarity and balance, improved skin condition, and more

Why fermented foods?

: A variety of fermented foods have been around for thousands of years in Asia (especially in Korea). And western world is starting to see the health benefits of fermented foods and the great need to have them on the table of their homes. 

The ITEMS currently taught

are as follows:
 * Natto (One of 5 world best foods)
    : How to make Natto and some dishes from it. Some of the health benefits of
      Natto are improving stomach and bowel, losing weight, preventing blood clots,
      preventing osteoporoses, boosting immune system, lowering cholesterol, fighting
      cancers, improving skin conditions, etc.
   * Kimchi (One of 5 world best foods)
    : How to make Kimchi which is very popular not only in Asia but in many western
      countries for its health benefits like strengthening immune system, improving
      digestion and bowel, boosting energy level, fighting cancers, improving skin
     conditions, etc.
* Kefir drinks
   : How to make milk and water Kefir. These are the probiotics and wild yeast
     combined fermented drinks which help improve the gut condition.
  * Sourdough bread (slow fermented bread)
   : How to make Sourdough bread that contains lots of good bacteria. Known as the
     best way of having bread. You will learn how to bake sourdough bread from
     making sourdough starter (wild yeast from the air) and to make other various
     recipes such as sourdough pan cake, apple cake, etc.
* Fermented fruit and vege extracts
   : How to make Fermented fruit and vege extracts. You can make healthy drinks,
     cocktails, dressings and sauces from them. They contain all living good bacteria.
     You will also learn how to make some drinks from fermented fruit extracts.
* Nut Cheese
  : How to make Nut Cheese. This is a good substitute food for dairy products which
    may cause many stomach and bowel conditions.
  * Vegetarian Meat
   : How to make Vegetarian Meat which is made from nuts, beans, etc. that contain
     good quality protein and fat. It tastes like meat and yummy but no meat in it.
  * Korean rice wine
   : How to make Korean rice wine which is gaining worldwide recognition because
     of its health benefits. It contains 1000 times as many good bacteria as yogurt, and

     has mild taste and can also be used as a light cocktail.

- Why SUPER FOOD Class at OAW?     
- How Oriental Medicine views Foods?
- The PURPOSE of this class
- The BENEFITS of this class
- Why fermented foods?   
- The ITEMS currently taught are as follows:
* NATTO (One of 5 world best foods)   
* Kimchi (One of 5 world best foods)
* Kefir drinks
* Sourdough bread (slow fermented bread)
* Fermented fruit and vege extracts
* Nut Cheese
* Vegetarian Meat 
* Korean rice wine