I was very grateful to many of my old and current clients, some doctors and other practitioners in Timaru and Queenstown who had very kindly and willingly put great testimonials for my treatment for such conditions as muscular, respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, psychological, skin, metabolic and women’s conditions. So I put some of them in this website.

One day I got an email from our organization (Acupuncture NZ) saying that they had received a complaint from ‘The Society for Science Based Healthcare’ (SSBH) against the testimonials in my website that are breaching the Medicines Act. And I was advised to correct the contents of the testimonials.

But as I appreciate so much each of the testimonials from my very valued clients and other practitioners I don’t want to even touch one word from them. So terribly sorry to say that I decide to remove all testimonials rather than correcting any words or expressions.

Don Kim